Why I do what I do

Family life in the beginning is not always as easy as we dreamed it would be ... but can you tell by the picture below? No, and thats exactly my point. Its not because I have a perfect family its because a creative photographer caught a moment where my 2 year old wasn't crying over a chicken nugget. I won't think about how hard it was when our first child was born, the baby colic or how my husband was gone most of the time due to work/ travel (military). NOPE. When I am old I will look back at this picture and I will see all of my favorite people together. It will make me smile and I will feel blessed to have had this moment. I know that because I already feel that way. 

Every year I come across friends and family that have been impacted by death or illness. In most cases pictures are the things that we take for granted and the last thing we have left to hold onto. The thought that one day me or my husband may not be here and that my children will not be small forever speaks to my heart ... and I'm sure that sentiment speaks to you too.

Photo courtesy of  Kristen Kusler Photography

Photo courtesy of Kristen Kusler Photography

My work is not a fast approach to quick digitals but more of an experience that explores and suits the personality and needs of your family. I like to give you the experience I would want for my family.

-Xoxo Regina