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“Pictures are a moment frozen in time and when you no longer have your health or your loved one, we hold onto those pictures for dear life.” -Regina Frausto


Today is my birthday! 

I woke up this morning thinking about how I wanted to do something different this year. I thought about doing a grateful challenge, finding a way I can give back to my community, help the less fortunate etc.

Why am I offering this?

The "WHY" is so important. I find once I lose sight of “WHY” I am doing something I lose my motivation and joy. Doing daily tasks like packing lunch for my husband and cleaning the house can be exactly that, another task. Then I remember a friend of ours that recently lost her husband and I become extreamly grateful for that lunch. This year I have had lots of friends and even family that have been impacted by death or some form of cancer. I’ve spent a fair amount of time around sick and disabled people and my life has been filled with adversity, but my heart longs to heal and help people.

 Everyone has a story.

I want to give you value, something that you couldn't have without me. Someone once took pictures of our family and to this day I am truly grateful for her. I savor those images. When I look at our smiles in those pictures it fills my soul. It reminds me “WHY” I do what I do each day.

The late Pastor Steve Mays once said, “Your Joy is the strength of your life.”

So what is your Joy?

Each of us are a joy to our children and family, you may not think so but you are. If you were suddenly taken from this earth there would be a void, but at this time, by the grace of God you and I have that.

For my birthday this year I want to gift you or someone you know with a portrait session.


I want you to write to me why you or this person is deserving of this session.

I want you to share this so others can have the same opportunity or maybe it will even inspire another photographer to do the same kindness for a deserving family out there.

I want to remind them of the strength, joy and love in their life.

Will you help me do that?

To be entered into the giveaway All steps must be completed and will be verified.

The winner will be announced October 5th.

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